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Employment Opportunities


Light Truck Driver Required

Flexible roles available including full time, part time and weekend work.
Experience in removalists work preferred.
A full Victorian drivers license is required. You do not require a special truck license.
Able to drive manual vehicles.
Great customer satisfaction focus for every job.
Physically fit to lift safely furniture, white goods and other bulky items with assistance on a regular basis.
Reliable and trustworthy.
Hard working attitude who can find solutions on the job.
Takes charges of a job and can follow operating processes.
Able to work independently and part of a team.

You will be provided with a work vehicle, uniform ($25 charge) and work phone.

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    We are currently seeking additional truck drivers / removalists to join our team. Are you a hard working, reliable team player?

    You will receive the following benefits:

    • A hourly rate above the award for the industry.
    • Hourly rate bonuses for all 5-star feedback received from customers.
    • Flexible workings days and hours.
    • Equipment, vehicle and uniform provided.
    • All public liability and business insurance included for 2.9% of earnings per week.
    • Weekly pay.

    In return are you are required to:

    • Provide a friendly and customer orientated positive experience at each job as per our requirements.
    • Be fit, healthy and physically able to complete the work required safely to yourself and the clients items and property.
    • Review and follow all safety material including manual lifting.
    • Bring an exceptional work ethic, reliability and trustworthiness.
    • Start from the office where you will collect an allocated work vehicle.
    • Wear your uniform whilst working and return it to the vehicle at the end of the shift.
    • Provide clear communication through out your shift.
    • A minimum availability of 4 hours when you are available for work.
    • Timely driving based upon Google Maps travel times. Each job includes a 15% extra time payment for any delays you may encounter on your shift. Any additional delays are required to be communicated to dispatch at time of occurrence.