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Employment Opportunities


Offsider / Jockey Required

Flexible roles available including full time, part time and weekend work.
Experience in removalists work preferred.
Great customer satisfaction focus for every job.
Physically fit to lift safely furniture, white goods and other bulky items with assistance on a regular basis.
Reliable and trustworthy.
Hard working attitude who can find solutions on the job.
Takes charges of a job and can follow operating processes.
Able to work independently and part of a team.

You will be provided with a  uniform ($25 charge).

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    We are currently seeking additional jockey / removalists to join our team. Are you a hard working, reliable team player?

    You will receive the following benefits:

    • An hourly rate above the award for the industry.
    • Flexible workings days and hours.
    • Uniform provided.
    • All public liability and business insurance included for 2.9% of earnings per week.
    • Weekly pay.

    In return are you are required to:

    • Provide a friendly and customer orientated positive experience at each job as per our requirements.
    • Be fit, healthy and physically able to complete the work required safely to yourself and the clients items and property.
    • Review and follow all safety material including manual lifting.
    • Bring an exceptional work ethic, reliability and trustworthiness.
    • Start from the first job location to begin for the day or otherwise organized.
    • Wear your uniform whilst working and return it to the vehicle at the end of the shift.
    • Provide clear communication through out your shift.
    • A minimum availability of 4 hours when you are available for work.